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Importance of IT Studies

Importance of IT Studies

The world economy throughout history has bared witness to a series of innovations, fluctuations and new concepts created out of what seemed for many, thin air. The way of doing business has continuously evolved, from a1b72beba04b6c200f59586c706ab09249c9ed0b95742f2e520e6d182f574e876 commodities market to a goods based economy to a service economy and to the latest, experience economy. Most of human history has functioned by relying heavily on what is known as the commodities, and later goods based economy, in recent history however, most of the developed countries have switched to a service based economy transferring most of the goods production facilities to the developing world.

The question might arise however, why would countries willingly give up goods production and therefore the job comes with them. In the simplest terms, countries that are considered first world simply aim for their economy to be based on what is most profitable and what is considered to be cutting edge. Technology which incorporates both hardware and software elements are at the forefront of those types of business activities there with computer knowledge becoming the norm for even the simplest of service providing companies.

There is no doubt that the IT incorporates much of the skills required for individuals to be successful and competent at the workplace both in the world of today and that of tomorrow. One only needs to look at the number of both young and seasoned individuals who choose to pursue a bachelor’s in IT science as it provides certainty when it comes to the job market. And if there is still any doubt, one only needs to open a job search engine and look at the available listings in any developed country, and see for themselves that the competences required are most if not all dependent on an IT background. If you are looking for more information on IT related industry, visit

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