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Dynamics of Internet Advertising

Dynamics of Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry. In the last centuries, innovation in the internet advertising has risen up to a completely new scale. There are several scientific studies in process to determine the details of internet advertising. As internet advertising involves psychology and technology, researchers are trying to achieve a fine understandingOnline-Advertising-PPC of the combination.

Previously, internet was all about cleverly placed banner ads and pop-ups. Now, with the development of cutting edge technology and advertising tools, internet advertising needs to keep getting creative and innovative. In fact, the agenda of the advertising goes far beyond than marketing.

According to several predictions, internet advertising is going to involve a lot of short clips and videos in the upcoming years. In the realm of human mind, anything that is visually creative has an impact. For instance, the recent explosion of gifs on the internet proves the fact that people love moving visuals. It is also because moving visuals have the caliber to deliver the message precisely. In case of still images, the interpretation largely depends on the mindset of the viewer. Hence, based on these psychological and neurological facts, internet advertising has decided to go completely on the side of moving visuals.

Another important noticeable trend in internet advertising is the tactful creation of the content. If the advertiser wants to gain the much desired attention of the internet user, the advertisement needs to be clever. The content of the ad should be multidimensional. It should have a human element of storytelling and connectivity. The ad should be of a viral standard, and it should be propagated by word of mouth. There are certain positioning rules such as placing the ad on the right side of the page, using the combination of colors creatively, and having something provocative as a thumbnail in case of a video ad.