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Importance of IT Studies

Importance of IT Studies

The world economy throughout history has bared witness to a series of innovations, fluctuations and new concepts created out of what seemed for many, thin air. The way of doing business has continuously evolved, from a1b72beba04b6c200f59586c706ab09249c9ed0b95742f2e520e6d182f574e876 commodities market to a goods based economy to a service economy and to the latest, experience economy. Most of human history has functioned by relying heavily on what is known as the commodities, and later goods based economy, in recent history however, most of the developed countries have switched to a service based economy transferring most of the goods production facilities to the developing world.

The question might arise however, why would countries willingly give up goods production and therefore the job comes with them. In the simplest terms, countries that are considered first world simply aim for their economy to be based on what is most profitable and what is considered to be cutting edge. Technology which incorporates both hardware and software elements are at the forefront of those types of business activities there with computer knowledge becoming the norm for even the simplest of service providing companies.

There is no doubt that the IT incorporates much of the skills required for individuals to be successful and competent at the workplace both in the world of today and that of tomorrow. One only needs to look at the number of both young and seasoned individuals who choose to pursue a bachelor’s in IT science as it provides certainty when it comes to the job market. And if there is still any doubt, one only needs to open a job search engine and look at the available listings in any developed country, and see for themselves that the competences required are most if not all dependent on an IT background. If you are looking for more information on IT related industry, visit

Best Online Marketing Tools

Best Online Marketing Tools

Entrepreneurs and business owners understand the value of each tool that can add to their business’ success. Apart from the managerial talents and the dedication of the people working, the use of a great tool can have a huge impact on the business’

  • Rapportive is a useful tool that secures the information contained on the virtual platform of your business. This digital marketing tool is recommended right from the inception of the business, as it will protect against cyber-attacks, data losses, spam e-mails and much more. It can connect to the inbox or the server of the company.
  • Scraper extracts content from web sites. It literally extracts all the data on a website and exports it to an excel sheet. It is a powerful tool that enables businessmen to track the data of their competitors. It can be a great start point for generating marketing tactics, creation of new e-mail lists or topics for the content.
  • Mailchimp is one of the easiest to learn e-mail marketing tools. It has a friendly interface, thus perfect for the owners of startups to begin using it to get in touch with their consumers.
  • Survey Monkey works its magic by collecting data and feedback from the customers. It engages clients through surveys, and is mostly used to spot trends only by analyzing the end results.
  • Evernote is great at organizing and prioritizing the events of your organization. It can be used on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, with synchronized tools. It can be used as a tool for brainstorming, generating ideas or simply analyzing the competitors’ data.
  • Hootsuite is mainly used for the management of social media profiles. It can schedule posts; it lets the user synchronize posts on different social media platforms. The tool has a universal dashboard which allows you to quickly answer to any posts.
Tips for Making Your eCommerce Store Better

Tips for Making Your eCommerce Store Better

Running an eCommerce business is no easy feat. However, there are certain steps that you can and must take in order to make things work in your favour rather than in your competitors’. Here are some things you can do to improve your standing in the eCommerce world:

Focus on the User

Continuously research and find ways to make sure that you are providing the best possible user experience to your buyers. While your buyers cannot touch, feel and actually see the product before buying, make sure that other ifocus-on-usermportant elements that affect the buyer’s decision are laid out in plain and simple format. Use large images of the products from multiple angles, offer discounts: free shipping, for instance, is always appreciated. Also, describe the product in as much detail as possible. The entire process from selecting a product to checking out should be seamless and smooth.

Test, Test… And Test

Test everything from searching for desired products to buying products. Make sure that everything is working in order and even if everything is working just right, always pay attention to user feedback to find ways to improve the process. The only way to learn a different way of doing things is to keep testing everything from time to time.

Go Social

Any business that is not active on the social media is losing a big part of their sales. Go creative and find ways to communicate and interact with your customers on the social media. Talk about your future plans, ask for feedback on the latest design of your website, and look for subtle hints on what consumers are talking about and what they are looking forward to. Social media is where the crowd is these days and you must be in the thick of the action.

These are just some of the tips on improving your business’s position in the market: stay tuned for more!

Steps to Getting Started With eCommerce

Steps to Getting Started With eCommerce

With more and more people using the Internet to shop online, this is the best time to open your own eCommerce business. This article will help you get started in no time:

Name Your Company

Choose a name that is memorable, easy to type and brandable. Make sure that your name is as unique as possible and not already taken on social media: this is the time to do research, essentially.

Business Structuree-commerce-402822_960_720

You have to decide whether you are going to form an LLC, company or an INC. This decision will largely dictate the structure of your company as well as your liability in the business.

Choose Technology

Once all these decisions have been taken, you have to build the website itself. Hire a programmer and a coder who are experienced and well versed with the nature of eCommerce business. It is advisable to hire these people on salary basis because you will need someone to continuously make changes to the website.

Marketing Plan

You will need a marketing and advertising plan to correctly position your eCommerce website and all the products that you are featuring on it. Back in the day, “build it and they will come” theory held true. However, in this day and age, without an effective marketing plan you will not be able to last long. Make sure you have identified your target market and demographics, and invest your money to attract the right kind of customers who are looking to buy products rather than those who are simply looking for information. This is called buyer intent and you must understand it to increase your so called conversion ratios, ie. to increase the number of prospective clients becoming actual clients.


Begin slowly and start with few products. Too much inventory will block all your money and nothing will be left for other activity leading to a cash crunch. Instead, focus on few products and once you start seeing some traction, expand your portfolio.

Top 5 Reasons Learning How to Code is a Good Idea

Top 5 Reasons Learning How to Code is a Good Idea

The coding industry is undeniably one of the most lucrative in the world today. Salaries running over the five-figure mark, and a 22 percent annual job demand increase, make learning how to code a smart career move. Even if programming will not be a full-time occupation for you, it still offers you endless benefits. Today’s competitive job market demands workers that are able to take advantage of technology, no matter the job position or title. Are you up to the challenge? If you are not sure, here are five reasons why should be considering coding as a means of adding value to your career.

shutterstock_230705539Why and Where to Learn Coding

• Coding skills show your employer that you are not only a tech-savvy employee, but you are also versatile and resourceful. • Learning coding languages makes it easy for you to communicate with your more technically orientated coworkers. • You can make a total career change and become a full-blown programmer. • Want to work for yourself? Learning to code could help you achieve your own start-up. • Coding requires logical thinking, a skill that you can also apply to everyday life and decision making. Interested? You can investigate and compare computer science programs at SchoolApply. All you need to do is sign up and choose a programme that fits your needs.

Not Sure Where to Start?

There are a number of options available for you to consider. You could start off by learning the basic programming languages like HTML, or CSS to get a grasp on the basics. However, if you want to dive right into the deeper end of the pool, Python and Ruby are great languages for developing web applications that are worth considering. Coding is a versatile skill that adds remarkable value to any career path you are currently on. Learning coding skills is also made easier than you think due to the learning resources available both in-person and online. In addition, coding is a challenging field that will always keep you engaged.

3 eCommerce Trends for 2016 You Should be Implementing

3 eCommerce Trends for 2016 You Should be Implementing

eCommerce websites no longer simply rely on online galleries or displays for physical shops, nor are they just a place to make a transaction; they are increasingly becoming places where clients go to learn and understand the universe of a brand. In 2015, content was a critical commercial trend; a role it is likely to maintain for years to come. Instead of simply getting customers to go through the checkout process faster, brands are working hard to put up quality original content that they hope will motivate and captivate the public and drive them to visit their platforms. Clients can now explore the brand’s content breadth for a richer experience.

Globalization: More Retailers Expanding Worldwide

The Web is, undeniably, borderless. This is a well understood concept by many distributors, manufacturers and retailers – and they embrace it. In fact, many are looking to expand into new markets in the year 2016, which is a smart move considering the wide variety of options available that help reduce the financial burden associated with physical expansion. To have the best chances of succeeding in this type of expansion, retailers employ a step-by-step approach. In addition, a well-defined strategy that considers the big picture and the inherent challenges of selling globally is important to implement.

Smart Marketing with CRM Solutions

Today’s customers want brands to be more relevant and offer them a personalized experience. They want email communication that is tailored to them, to be acknowledged when they interact with your customer service, and merchandise that fits their needs when they go to your online store. They are looking for an experience that flows naturally from one channel to the next. To meet these expectations, businesses and retailers online should centralize and organize their customer information to use the data mined properly. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help you convert customer data into a tool that mass converts your prospective clients and drives loyalty.

Top Computer Science Programs In the World

Top Computer Science Programs In the World

Computer Science ProgramsAre you looking for a major that assures you of a solid paycheck once you graduate? If yes, then computer science may be right for you. Computer science graduates are able to code their way to various technology companies, or they can spend their entire lives creating cool apps that make lives better. If this is your area of interest, then you may want to look into pursuing your studies at one of the schools offering top computer science programs in the world. The best schools are hot spots where high-profile companies like Lockheed Martin, Facebook, Raytheon, Apple and Google recruit fresh talent.

Search Engines Helps You Apply to Schools

SchoolApply is an online platform that offers you an easy way to apply to top computer science programs in the world from the comfort of your home or office. The platform has a search tool that allows you to search through its database of over a 1,000 schools based on discipline, location and tuition fee. At SchoolApply, all you have to do to start your application is sign up for an account, and then choose a computer program that fits your requirements.

You can also create a shortlist of interesting programs and simply click the apply button against each of them for an online application form – simple.

The portal also:

  • Reviews your application.
  • Reviews supporting documents you upload.
  • Offer you over-the-phone-consultation.
  • Revise the application if required.
  • Forwards your application to the selected schools

Why You Should Major in Computer Science

Computer technology is becoming an integral part of everyday life. It is used in virtually everything from the cars you drive to the movies you watch. In one way or another everyone’s life is touched by technology.

Here are more reasons why a computer science major is a great investment:

  • Improved hiring prospects as companies jostle to get the best technology talent on their side.
  • You get to participate in an industry that values and rewards true innovation and creativity.
  • Jobs in the computing industry are virtually recession-proof.
  • A computing background, problem-solving and logical thinking skills will make you a valuable asset in any company you work in or with.
  • The future opportunities are limitless.
  • You will participate in a field where you can make a major, positive difference in the world.
  • Computer technology fosters collaborative work as you collaborate with different individuals with different kinds of skill sets.
  • A computer science program can strengthen your primary career choice including education, health care, arts and many others.
  • You will be in front line fighting against cyber-criminals.

Understanding the different faces of computing is an integral skill for anyone in the 21st century. Whether you have an idea for the next hot application or simply creating one for your boss, a computer science program at a top school give you a competitive edge, ability to solve complex issues and a career that will always be in demand.

Guide to Building Customers

Guide to Building Customers

In the era of cut-throat competition, having a few loyal customers always works in the favour of your business. There are certain golden rules involved in establishing a trust based relationship with the customers. In the online world, your design and service are your words. You have to use them carefully.

Provide Product Transparency

Provide as much detail as possible about the product to your customers. Look at your product from your own eyes and modify it if needed. In any business, the product is the key motivator.

Trust your Customers

Trust your customers to make their own decisions. Do not over-market and try clever selling techniques.

Value the Customer DataHEAD-10-tips-to-promote-your-eCommerce-store

Privacy is a high-value commodity. Customers don’t want spam mails and text messages. In the current scenario, everyone thinks twice before writing their emails down. Tell your customers that their data is safe and protected. Providing a feeling of safety is a key element in building a secure relationship with your customers.

Keep the Customers Updated

Keep your customers updated with the latest designs and products. If you are able to provide your customers goods and information in real time, they will rely on you. Make your customers rely on you.

Do Not Try to Outsmart Your Customers

Do not make the mistake of considering your customer a fool. Your customer goes through a level of purchasing decisions before making that significant purchase. If you try to outsmart your clients by selling them a wrong product, or baiting them with something insignificant, they will never return back to you. Along side, they will also vent out the frustrating experience to their networks, thus creating a bad name for your product and brand. In online business, sustenance and loyalty run parallel to each other. The future belongs to the fair and ethical content.

Dynamics of Internet Advertising

Dynamics of Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry. In the last centuries, innovation in the internet advertising has risen up to a completely new scale. There are several scientific studies in process to determine the details of internet advertising. As internet advertising involves psychology and technology, researchers are trying to achieve a fine understandingOnline-Advertising-PPC of the combination.

Previously, internet was all about cleverly placed banner ads and pop-ups. Now, with the development of cutting edge technology and advertising tools, internet advertising needs to keep getting creative and innovative. In fact, the agenda of the advertising goes far beyond than marketing.

According to several predictions, internet advertising is going to involve a lot of short clips and videos in the upcoming years. In the realm of human mind, anything that is visually creative has an impact. For instance, the recent explosion of gifs on the internet proves the fact that people love moving visuals. It is also because moving visuals have the caliber to deliver the message precisely. In case of still images, the interpretation largely depends on the mindset of the viewer. Hence, based on these psychological and neurological facts, internet advertising has decided to go completely on the side of moving visuals.

Another important noticeable trend in internet advertising is the tactful creation of the content. If the advertiser wants to gain the much desired attention of the internet user, the advertisement needs to be clever. The content of the ad should be multidimensional. It should have a human element of storytelling and connectivity. The ad should be of a viral standard, and it should be propagated by word of mouth. There are certain positioning rules such as placing the ad on the right side of the page, using the combination of colors creatively, and having something provocative as a thumbnail in case of a video ad.

Five Ways to Be Successful in e-Commerce Business

Five Ways to Be Successful in e-Commerce Business

As e-commerce becomes one of the primary ways to conduct business, one has to know the intricacies of the online business.

Value youdownloadr Customers/Users

In business, your client is your foundation to success. Therefore, everything that you do, ensure that it is in the favour of your prospective customers and users. You have to be able to convince your client that their money isn’t going to waste. Create a value for money through your product.

Keep Innovating Your Product

There is always going to be a level of competition involved in the market. Innovation is the key to sustain in any form of business. Everybody is looking for change; it is human nature. Therefore, keep changing and innovating your product.

Use Friendly and Modern Designs

In online business, complex designs in the website can lead to a complete downfall. Always test the tools and process of your website yourself. If it isn’t friendly enough for you, simplify it. Simplicity is the golden rule, as customers do not want to spend time learning to operate a website.

Understand the Importance of Marketing

Internet marketing is vast, and you need to carve out your place cleverly. It is quite a task to strategise the advertising plan. However, you should know your target audience and business demography. Always put a lot of research before putting your ad anywhere on the internet. We live in an era of clever marketing, gone are the days of heavy marketing.

Build a Name

In online business, creating a brand reputation goes a long way in establishing good customer relationships. If a user likes the experience of shopping, the chances of customer wanting to repeat that experience doubles. Even though there are several platforms on the internet, the customer will remember your website’s address if your product satisfies them overall.